Photo by Sofia Fernström

My upcoming novel THE SHIFTING POOLS is due for publication in July 2017, with Lightning Books.

"A beautiful, moving story that skilfully stitches together the fragmented pieces of a brutalised and shattered soul so that it just might fly again."

Emma Jane Kirby The Optician of Lampedusa and BBC Radio 4

"Zoë Duncan’s beautiful debut novel effortlessly moves between the internal and external reality of a deeply traumatized individual. Using an utterly unique style she conveys how we bury unspeakable fears and keep feelings of panic at bay. It’s as if she finds a new language to express the inexpressible. This heartrending story will transport you to an imaginative new landscape that expresses the true nature of our everyday reality."

Eric Karl Anderson  Lonesome Reader    www.lonesomereader.com

"The Shifting Pools is a profound and courageous story of trauma and recovery - and self-discovery. It had an astonishing impact upon me as a reader, even though my own shadows are nothing like as dark as Eve's in the book. I knew we had to publish it. This is a unique literary voice from a name to watch. The book's themes are universal and will appeal to anyone moved by the writing of Max Porter and Evie Wyld."

Dan Hiscocks, Publisher, Lightning Books www.lightning-books.com